Details of Your Order

These details allow us to get your order moving forward. When you submit an order to us, please keep these items in mind. Without this information, your order will be delayed.

  • A brief description of your order (product type, general info).
  • Are we mailing for you or just printing and shipping to you?
  • If mailing, please provide the list info and let us know if you want extras.
  • If shipping, please provide the shipping info/address.
  • Quantity for your order (or, estimated qty if mailing).
  • Proofing instructions (if we are handling design work, where do we send the proof?)
  • Other potential details: If a mailing includes an envelope, please provide the return address for envelope (this is optional, but we want to know if you want one).
  • If mailing envelopes out using marketing mail (previously known as bulk mail), we can add a bulk mail stamp instead of a permit/indicia. This option adds a little to the cost, but it makes the piece look like 1st class mail, increasing the odds the envelope gets opened.


Questions, please call us at 303-830-2999. We appreciate your business!