2018 CO Farmers Market Cling

2018 Colorado Farmers’ Markets Cling

This Colorado Farmers’ Markets themed cling is unique in that it does not require an envelope in order to be mailed out. We address it on the back side, send it out in the mail for you, and the recipient simply peels and sticks up this calendar wherever they choose. If they change their mind and want it on a different surface? No problem. They can easily remove the cling and move it to a different location. No mess left behind! This material can stick to refrigerators, walls, or any other smooth surface. This super unique cling is attractive and has a lengthy shelf life. The recipient will be grateful that you thought of them and they will be reminded of you and your services throughout the season.

This product is great for Real Estate Professionals, Lenders, Bankers, Lawyers, Landscapers, HVAC Companies and many more. If you want a consumer to remember you and the services you offer, this product will do the trick.



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